Three men lost at sea

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LOST AT SEA. These three men from Cabo San Lucas lost their lives last week in a freak boating accident. We believe the boat hit a whale at night and were thrown into the water and they couldn't get back to the boat. One body was found nine days later 100 miles away from where we believe the accident happened. The other two have not been found.  
Dante Carballo left behind a wife and a two-year-old girl. 
Julio Osuna Ocampo left behind a wife and two children. 
Efrain Urena Carreon left behind a wife and two children. 
These three families have all lost their breadwinner. Please help them  

David Carter

We have reached $19.88 but still need $29,980.12 Thank you for your donations.

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As a fishing captain we see this too much. Saw on Facebook why isn't this in the news??
21 January 2016 Rob Holden
So tragic I hope this helps.
09 January 2016 Tammy Martin