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Over 23 million people are currently dealing with addiction related issues. That is nearly double the number of people who are currently being treated for cancer. That is a HUGE number!! This means there are over 23 million families -- Moms, Dads, Sisters, and Brothers -- who are currently dealing with addiction in their lives, too. As the parent of a child with a heroin addiction, I know what these Moms and Dads are going through because I've been that mom. I have wished and hoped and prayed and ultimately, I just didn't know what to do. Boy, could I have used some guidance during those dark years! I often say that I wish I knew "me now" back then. So that's what I'm doing. I have made a commitment to help these parents and to share what I have learned, experienced and discovered through my personal parental recovery. Providing a step-by-step program for parents of addicts to find their way out of the madness and reclaim their own lives. 100Pedals is the program created to help parents to find the way through their kid's addiction and manage their own personal recovery program from his addiction. 100Pedals is a non-profit resource for Moms and Dads and other family members of addicts. It relies solely on donations from the public and they will gladly accept your support. 

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