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We are raising money for Amador Villa because he is currently battling a severe cancer called Carcinoid.  Here is a little bit about him. He just turned 21, and was never sick previous to this. He has a little girl who is just over 1 year old, had started a great job with a company and was providing for his family. One night he got very sick and ended up in the emergency room. After some tests, they learned he had tumors in his entire abdominal area.
He was recently diagnosed with this terrible disease a few months ago, and it rapidly progressed to a Stage 4 Metastatic Carcinoid Cancer. He has tumors all over his abdomen and organs and unfortunately has no medical insurance. We have been fighting with the State Medicaid Office trying to get him insured, but they haven't been compliant and no matter how many letters or statements we give them from different oncologists, hospitals, etc, they refuse to help him and he is rapidly running out of time. A hospital in California is offering to begin a "trial medication" for his type of cancer, but we don't have enough money for the expense of travel.
Thats where your help comes in. We want to raise as much money as we can to cover the expenses for him and his mother to travel to California. This will cover airfare, food, hotel, etc. because we don't know how long he will be there.  We pray that every little donation can add up and he can soon start treatment. Every penny, quarter, and dollar counts. We are appreciative of any donation.
Thank you and God Bless. We will keep you posted on his long journey ahead. 

Raymond Cruz

We need $3,000, Thanks for your donations.

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