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I'm a Brit, and I've lived and worked in the U.S. (Los Angeles and Nashville) since 1973.  I became a permanent resident alien in 1992.  I consider myself an American, but there remains a bridge to be crossed to make that a fact.  In 2006, I began the process of becoming a citizen, which initially involved getting my green card paperwork from Homeland Security, with a long waiting period.   By the time I finally got my file in 2010 and then got my information packet to prepare for the exam, they hiked the application fee to about $600, with an additional fee of $85 or so.    The recession hit at the same time, work was almost non-existent until the end of 2012, and things are still slow. I am getting by with a little help from my benefits, and now I hope I can get to be a citizen with a little help from my friends.  I understand that times are tight right now, but whatever I can get to at least off-set the fee would be much appreciated!   

Louie Morton

We need $850, Thanks for your donations.

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