Autumn's Trip to Greece

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? Hello, My name is Autumn Davis. Anyone who knows me personally would understand that I have been through some heartaches, as has my family. Being in my senior year, I've learned new definitions of stress, anxiety and worry. This trip would give me eight days of not only relaxation, but education. We'll be visiting art museums and ancient regions. I am very lucky to have the chance to go on a school trip to Greece. However, as anyone can imagine, it's very pricey. Any money raised would be put towards the trip expenses; the trip is April 14th. To anyone who donates, even as little as a dollar, THANK YOU. This I guarantee you is extremely appreciated and means so so much to me. I can't even begin to explain how helpful this is. Thank you so much, everyone.

Autumn Davis

We have reached $50.60 but still need $1,049.40 Thank you for your donations.

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My donation for your trip.
18 March 2016 Steve Garcia
Have fun in Greece Autumn :)
17 March 2016 Lauren Parker