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Greetings! My name is Samantha Reed and I am Brandon's sister-in-law. My family has created this campaign to help Brandon make his health goals a reality! Many of you may not know that Brandon tried out for a position on ABC’s The Biggest Loser this Winter!  He did very well among Louisiana contestants, and was close to being selected for the show, but just missed the final cut.  

Even though Brandon didn't make it on the show, that doesn't mean he can't be a Biggest Loser! As family and friends, let's help Brandon achieve his health and fitness goals by sending him to The Biggest Loser Camp in Chicago, Illinois!  Our goal is to send both Jeanine and Brandon together-- Jeanine would stay for one week, and Brandon for 8-10 weeks. We think it is essential that they start this journey together to help get them off on the right foot.  When Jeanine returns home after one week, she can start implementing what she has learned and start making the necessary lifestyle changes so Brandon’s transition back to “real life,” many weeks later, is successful.  Brandon’s additional time at the camp will give him the jump start he needs to tackle his goals--not to mention the knowledge, experience, and confidence--needed to continue his journey at home.   This is going to be a significant monetary investment--$25,000 (the Biggest Loser camp costs approximately $2,000 a week). This is a lofty goal, but critical for Brandon’s health and success. We can’t do this alone; so, we are petitioning all of you who know and love Brandon and Jeanine, like we do, to help us raise this money.  Any donation will be appreciated. Thanks very much, and go Brandon!  

Samantha Reed

We need $25,000, Thanks for your donations.

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