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Hello My favorite people! This Year I chose to celebrate my Birthday, differently!  I am celebrating my FAMILY! I decided that I am not going to have a party this year,  not jumping from an airplane, or having a fancy beach party  like last years.  Sorry J! I really don't need any presents, flowers, etc The reason for that is my family is going through very tough times. Tougher than ever! All of them (my mom, dad, brother, and sister in law) lost their jobs and their business. They tried to start a new business, and borrowed money.  They failed again and ended up losing everything.   Now, I am the one keeping them afloat, while they are having a very hard time finding even regular jobs. ALL I wish for is to be able to help them more! I wish to do something nice for my family and especially my amazing 5 year old niece, little Sharon. My great friend Jessica knows my family situation and gave me this unconventional idea for my Birthday to Set up this Birthday fund!  It will be a surprise for my family! All proceeds will go towards making their life a bit nicer and easier at this rough for them moment. I thank all of you for your love, care, and support always! Love, Theresa  

Theresa Braxton

We need $800, Thanks for your donations.

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