Make your campaign live on Help Fund USA.

By Charles McCracken

2015/10/19     0 Comments    

A key tip when posting your campaign to Help Fund USA is once you finish designing your campaign you must go to settings and make it live see attached picture.

Breast cancer donations are matched this month.

By Charles McCracken

2015/10/15     0 Comments    

We are halfway through the month of October and want to get the word out Help Fund USA is supporting breast cancer awareness month in a BIG way.

Help Fund USA supports breast cancer awareness month.

By Charles McCracken

2015/10/11     0 Comments    

Breast cancer awareness month is October. In support of Breast cancer awareness Help Fund USA is matching all donations giving to breast cancer campaigns on our website during the month of October.

A one thousand year flood has devastated South Carolina.

By Charles McCracken

2015/10/08     0 Comments    

An unprecedented rainfall has affected large portions of South Carolina and Help Fund USA has received numerous request on how to help those that may be affected.

Catastrophic flooding throughout South Carolina continues.

By Charles McCracken

2015/10/05     0 Comments    

We have updated our Major Events page to reflect this unprecedented natural disaster. If you know of a loved one that may need help post a free campaign on our platform and we will help spread the word to get them the assistance they need.