November is Lung Cancer Awareness month.

By Charles McCracken

2015/11/15     0 Comments    

Help Fund USA is leading the charge against this deadly disease by matching funds through the month of November for Lung Cancer campaigns.

Help Fund USA CEO seeking 5 million for sale of 21stcenturyfox

By Charles McCracken

2015/11/06     0 Comments    

Charleston, SC –Help Fund USA CEO Charles McCracken is seeking 5 million for the sale of to help aid in the expansion and funding of campaigns posted to the free crowdfunding site Help Fund USA.

National press release issued for the Help Fund USA one million dollar campaign drive.

By Charles McCracken

2015/10/27     0 Comments    

Ocean of Trash the Target of Help Fund USA CEO Charles McCracken. The Help Fund USA campaign drive will seek to raise $1 million to rid the ocean of trash.

Help Fund USA rid our oceans of trash.

By Charles McCracken

2015/10/25     0 Comments    

Help Fund USA has created a one million dollar campaign drive to rid our oceans of trash/plastics that continue to pollute our oceans and kill our wildlife.

Campaign to raise 1 million for clean oceans.

By Charles McCracken

2015/10/21     0 Comments    

Help Fund USA will be creating a campaign soon to raise one million dollars to donate to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC).