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I am planning to open a new place (something similar to a coffee bar) where people can come and have a nice time. What makes this place unique is that the visitors will pay for the time spent in this venue and not by the quantities of beverages they will consume. The pay rate will be a symbolic one like 10 cents per minute spent but for this they will receive free unlimited quantities of tea, coffee, cookies and can use our books and magazines, play some board games and can have friendly interactions with other visitors in a relaxing atmosphere. In the evenings, there will be some events - concerts, workshops, games tournaments, themed parties etc. Also, in the club visitors can bring own food and drink but the alcohol is prohibited. I already finished with creating the business plan and I estimate that this will become popular gathering place for people who are looking for fun. However, I am facing with some start up costs that need to be covered and some of them I plan to cover via crowdfunding. I need to pay a rent for the venue and also to equip it with furniture, books, some paintings etc.   If you invest in our project you can get tickets for free entry to the following system: Invest up to $20 and receive a subscription to the appropriate number of minutes in our tariff 1 minute = 10 cents. For example, $12 = 120 minutes = 2 hours. Invest more than $20 (inclusive) get entry tickets to attend, regardless of time spent. 1 ticket is $1. For example, $30= 30 entry tickets, $40= 40 entry tickets. I am grateful for any donation made by your side in advance.

Den Milburn

We have reached $10.01 but still need $2,989.99 Thank you for your donations.

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