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Baile con Sazón (Dance with Flavor) Studio is based out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. We are taking traditional Latin Dances and adding “Sazón”. Veteran owned and directed, Baile con Sazón Studio (originally BailaCante) has proven to be the premier Black Belt Salsa and Bachata Academy in Fayetteville, NC. The ladies of the Baile con Sazón Dance Team  have been invited to perform on stage at the Tuscon Salsa Bachata Festival  in Tucson, Arizona. This is like a dream come true for us!  We have been practicing and devoting  a lot of time to get ready for this trip, but we need help.  We have nine ladies on our team and we have a lot of travel expenses for the nine of us. Some of the ladies are unemployed, some work part time, and some have children, but we are all very diligent and eager to fulfill this one in a lifetime dream to perform on stage and entertain many delighted guests. Plane tickets – $500 each
Costumes and shoes – $150 each
Performance Passes – $70 each
Hotel – $400 per night for three rooms We are asking for help with our most immediate expense, which are the plane tickets.   The longer we wait to buy them, the more expensive they are. We truly appreciate any help that you can give, no matter how big or small!

Isabel Goodwin

We need $2,500, Thanks for your donations.

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