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We are a group of three students, who want to start a project in the new world of drones. We were always attracted by the idea of remotely ??flying machines, and therefore we studied to explore more on this subject and bought a small drone, from which we have learned much. We want to continue to learn and then share it with all interested people. We believe that the drones are an exciting technology. We are in the early development phase of a new era in which the drones can become a fundamental part of our society. Very soon they can become fundamental part of our lives. And the possibility to take either photos or videos from the air opens new possibilities in the tourism by capturing the memories from our holiday. Also, the drones also have a future in our security and drones are being developed for detection of missing people and rescuing them. Therefore, we want to dive into this world. We want to create a drone by which we will improve our understanding of this new technology, and acquired knowledge on our blog and YouTube channel, where we will post our experiences and of course, answer the questions of those who need help. The drone will be a quadcopter (four motors), and it will have the ability to record and at the same time to transmit the signal in real time (FPV). For this purpose we will need the central skeleton of the drone, four motors, a processor board, camera, TX (transmitter), RX (receiver), adapters, wiring, batteries ... The main goal is to get a drone plate and all necessary components, and also to open a YouTube channel and blog to share our experiences and to help everyone who has questions about this.

Craig Young

We need $900, Thanks for your donations.

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