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Hello, my name is Richard Winbush and I have started this project in order to fund a film production company where I am one of the partners. We have started this company with purpose to fund and create a movie one year ago but the things changed a little bit since then. When we were looking for potential investors for our movie we have been approached from a guy from Bahrain asking us to be executive producers of many shows and programs in Europe (in many European languages - German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish etc) because the company where he is the owner bought a licence to broadcast all over the Europe. We have experienced crew, but unfortunately we are short on money and we estimate that we will need at least $50000 in order to work smoothly. I assure you that this project has a lot of potential and if you decide to invest in our company we can compensate it with stocks from our company. The company (2100 Entertainment Ltd.) is created in London, UK because our main target market is Europe.   

Richard Winbush

We need $40,000, Thanks for your donations.

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