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Wesley Buttrum was involved in a motorcycle accident Wednesday, May 11th.  Both arms and both legs were broken in multiple places and had surgery to repair all four limbs and will need another surgery on his hand and possibly his jaw.  He has a small brain bleed and swelling of the brain that they are watching, a broken jaw, broken ribs and chest tube due to a collapsed lung.  He is recieving blood transfusions now because he is losing blood somewhere and they don't know yet where it is going.  Sahnia is still in school, they do not have insurance and they have a 7 month old baby.  Expenses are rapidly adding up for Wesley's family and they need assistance to help them get through what will be a long, difficult and costly recovery.  Also, when Wesley is ready to be released from the hospital, it will be difficult to get him home in a car or truck and will need assistance with transport to get him home.  Any help at all that anyone can give will be greatly appreciated!  Everyone please continue to pray!

Sounya Stokes

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16 May 2016 Cody Hammond
I hope this helps!
16 May 2016 Cody Hammond
Praying for healing.
15 May 2016 Cynthia Bagley
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15 May 2016 Cassandra Jones