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Help my daughter Tammy, a Breast Cancer Survivor go on a cruise of a lifetime!!
My daughter Tammy at the age of 33, was diagnosed in the fall of 2011 with stage III Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer. She is a widow with two small children.
She underwent six months of chemo and could not walk because of neuropathy and therefor had to be in a wheelchair. Then followed by a double Mastecomy, with 23 lymph nodes removed from her right side. She then had 33 treatments of radiation every single day, and four surgeries. She had to wait one year from radiation, in March of 2014, to start her reconstruction process. But unfortunately, Tammy has had nothing but problems after problems with reconstruction to this day. Her incisions have reopened numerous times after surgeries and also infections have set in as well. Doctors had to take out an expander during one surgery and also an implant on another surgery because of the infections, and then replace them at a later time. The list goes on and on!!!! Tammy has had nothing but problems with reconstruction and it seems like it is never ending for her sometimes! She's had a total of 11 surgeries for reconstruction alone since March of last year, and 14 total surgeries since cancer diagnosis in 2011. She has been bedridden pretty much the past four years since diagnosed. She is constantly in pain, bedridden, scared, & by herself trying to take care of her children all at the same time. Her medical bills are piling up on her and she is not able to work until this is all over with. It seems every time she starts to feel better then *BOOM* another surgery! Her last surgery for reconstruction was February 4th 2016, but she still has one more left after this, if all goes as planned! She is tired of being bedridden and staring at her walls! This is where I am asking for you to help me uplift Tammy's life. Lets put together a piece of happiness for her to meet other survivors that have gone through what she has!!! There is an inspirational Breast Cancer Thriver Survivor Cruise coming up in April, that I would love to send her on with the help from all of you! She deserves this cruise to share and be inspired with all other breast cancer survivors out there! Tammy deserves to get out of her bed, and quit staring at her walls, she needs to stop crying, stop worrying how she's going to do this, or pay for that, or clean this! She needs to be uplifted and have some light shine on her for once!!!! So please help me send my daughter on this Thriver Survivor Cruise. Tammy kicked cancers butt and deserves every minute of sunshine she can possibly get! For a cancer survivor you worry every day if it will return. So she needs this week to get her mind off of things, and to let her know that there is light at the end of the tunnel!
So whether you can help out with her kids, her housing, her bills, or hospital bills, and or co-pays, or help donate for this wonderful cruise she deserves to go on... We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!
She has been such an inspiration to so many others!!.. She always fills peoples hearts with laughter, so now let's do the same for her!!
Thank you!!!!
Tammy's Mom, Sharon 

Tammy Lamberson

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Cancer needs to go away! My thoughts are with you.
19 March 2016 Brian Miller