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Hello Everyone! In case you didn't already know! My name is Donna Harris and I am an/a:
  • Artist
  • Student
  • Gender and Human Rights Activist
Coming from the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, New York. Currently, I am a freshman at Howard University, my dream school! Hoping to one day graduate with a BFA in Acting and possibly theatre production, which is why I am here asking for your help. College is a very valuable, but expensive, investment and Howard is extremely difficult for me and my mother to afford financially. Right now I have a balance on my account that is denying me access to my grades and endangering the credits I have obtained from reaching my transcript. And according to my professors I have A's and B's. Yet, with this balance hanging over my heart, those hard earned grades will mean nothing if they aren't on my record. It's almost as if I never went to college. However, I am in the process of traveling back to Howard early from the Holiday break to fight to stay in school. Although I don’t know if fighting to stay will help. Wish me Luck! A little about me: I am a hardworking and ambitious young, queer woman of color. Who everyday celebrates my accomplishments and identities. In New York, I live with my mother, two older sisters and two nieces. But with six people under one roof and only one income, financial stability is something I have never really known. Yet that didn’t stop me from dreaming big and working hard to go to college and pursue my passion. Doing whatever it takes to get by in the world. My mother raised me as an independent woman, along with my two older sisters. Teaching us to work hard to achieve our goals and value education. So I am here asking for your help to stay in school and continue my education. Thank you for your time and I hope you can help me!

Donna Harris

We need $3,500, Thanks for your donations.

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