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Any help with funds (even just $1) is greatly needed and appreciated!!! My daughter is losing weight rapidly and is down to 19.1 lbs and in the 1st percentile again and she will be 2 next week. We already know she has gastroparesis, hypogammaglobulinemia, immunodeficiency disorder, repeated c diff infections due to antibiotics from being sick, kidney reflux, among many other health issues and she needs to see a GI doctor asap!!! She will either be going to Cincinnati or St Louis to the Childrens hospital to see a GI dr in the next 1-2 weeks so im needing help with gas, food, and with lodging, etc for our trip. (she will possibly be admitted and I do not know how long we would be there). We have tried doctors in Louisville already with no answers as to how to help her so we are trying to get answers out of state. Please and if you cant help please share this!!!!! Also Walmart gift cards for gas or mcdonalds/other food gift cards would be very helpful as well.  

Crystal McKinzie

We need $2,000, Thanks for your donations.

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