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Over the past three months, Hannah and I (April) have loved our new venture -- Owning and running a food truck is really exciting and pleasantly unpredictable. We've met amazing people, participated in some crazy events, and come up with about a billion ideas on how we would like grow and expand our business. Unfortunately, the first year of any new business is really hard. We're very limited by what we can do, and with such a tight budget, we end up skipping over a lot of things that we really feel would make our truck stand out. So, here we are asking for some help. We have a list of things we would love to be able to do, and would love if you could help us do them: Some are bare necessities, and some are purely artistic visions we would love to watch come to light. To give you an idea:
  • We need a better generator.
  • We need more refrigeration space so we can expand our menu and drink options.
  • We need an awning so that customers won't mind the glaring sun or pouring rain.
  • We would love to be able to begin "Art in the Park" in full force by creating an outdoor dining room with live music, local art, and (of course) our wonderful food.
  • We would LOVE to have t-shirts screen printed by our incredible artist, Jess.
  • And we would love to have tables and chairs available to set up when we have the space to.
Starting a new business can be really scary, but the outpouring of support we have received, both from people we know and people we are meeting on the street every day, is incredible. Any amount helps, and we will be grateful to you all! Thank you for helping us make Sprout exist.

April Boatright

We need $2,000, Thanks for your donations.

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