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Above you see a picture of a firefighter.  Someone who spends countless hours training, studying, and preparing for any type of emergency that may arise.   Someone who spends time educating our own children, demonstrating to them the importance of fire safety and prevention.  Someone who sets such a positive image to the community and always willing to go out of his/her way to help someone they've never met.  When someone is having the worst day of their lives, they are always there to make things better. This Firefighter is my son Jason and not only does he LOVE being a firefighter, he does it for free.  He is a senior is High School and has been Volunteering at his local fire department for 3 years. In those three years, through the help of his department and himself, he has earned his EMT, EVOC, Firefighter 1 & 2, Hazmat Mat, FEMA 100,200, 700, 800, BLS CPR, and POST Certifications.  Not only am I proud to say I've raised such a hard working, dependable, and responsible young man, I'm also proud to say he has been accepted into one of the two schools in the state that offer a Fire Science Degree.  As of this fall, he will be going to Vincennes University for his Fire Science Degree and Paramedic certification.  Although that may not be possible right away due to my husbands income, that makes him ineligible for any financial aid.  Jason is not my husbands son, and for you those of you that have put children through school, you understand how difficult college planning/funding is.  He has received a $1000 scholarship from the Vincennes University Foundation but that is all he has for funding as of now, and that is no where close to what is needed, so we are asking for help with tuition and expenses to get him into college this fall. We want him to reach his maximum potential so he can continue to serve/help the community of wherever life may take him.  For every person that can donate even the slightest of funds, Jason mention he would write a personal thank you card to you :) Thank you for taking the time and read this, and thank you for everyone's support in helping my son be the professional hero he wants to be!   

Terra Hughes

We have reached $268.48 but still need $14,731.52 Thank you for your donations.

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Good luck!
12 April 2016 Jamie Fikkert
Hope this helps!
09 April 2016 Shanelle Haisler
Blessed Be ❤️
07 April 2016 Samantha Rogers
Sounds like a good cause glad to help!
04 April 2016 Jeff Perez
I emptied my piggy bank Bubba
04 April 2016 jayla leeper