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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. Flooding has ravaged parts of Johnson County on Monday. "We've got a lot of family down at the hospital that's waiting to see their family and friends," Red Cross Disaster Relief Specialist Emerson Varney said. "We took them some blankets and water down there. It's very emotional." Emergency officials say 500 homes and 1,200 residents were also affected by Monday's storm. During the latest news conference, officials revised the number of homes destroyed to 60 along Route 172. 3 people are dead and several are missing. The Red Cross opened emergency centers at the Paintsville Recreation Center . Emergency crew is looking for missing people and they fight against high water and fog, and the police said they have conducted more than 50 rescues in this area. Johnson County needs your help. Any donation is welcome and all funds raised will be donated to Red Cross who will help supply them with hot meals, blankets and everything else that is badly needed.

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