Losing My Daughter

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This started off as something that I assumed only people I knew would see, but has quickly grown to more than that, so here is a brief history. We all know relationships can end, and sometimes badly. Sometimes, it is just time to split, in my case, it happened when I caught my ex cheating on me. Unfortunately, we had a daughter in the mix, which made a clean split impossible. I have now been involved in a custody battle that has dragged on for almost 7 years now, losing nearly every parental right along the way due to a lack of money to pay the insane fees lawyers charge. I have not even been allowed to a single school function/event my daughter was in for almost 4 years now. The only thing I have left are the weekend visits every other week, which are 4 days a month of awesomeness. I'll admit, the past year or so has been relatively smooth as far as court appearances go, but the last 6 weeks since losing my job have turned horrendous. I have seen my daughter once since April. My ex simply refuses to show up for visitation drop off, as well as refused my ordered Christmas break visit, which would have been a much needed 11 days straight with my daughter. On July 7th, I was handed a summons to court, where they are bringing me in to attempt to revoke my last right, my visits. Their premise? I'm an unfit and abusive father and have created a hostile environment where my daughter is not safe. Included in the stack of motions was a temporary order, revoking visits until we go to court on July 17th for an emergency hearing. This causes yet another missed visit on my end. Another motion is asking for twice a month supervised visits pending an investigation of the abuse/unfit allegations. Anyone who has met me will openly tell you how much I love my daughter. To be accused of abuse against her is asinine at best. That child is my life. I am in over my head with representing myself in this onslaught of motions, and desperately need legal representation. I started this page as an attempt to do that, and to keep my visits with my daughter. I want to thank everyone who simply reads this. Help is something I have never been able to ask for, but I can not risk losing my daughter.

Jarvis Holz

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