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Love - not just finished a cup of coffee. It must be warm, sweeten and dilute.
Loneliness, all people somehow are lonely. And emptiness in the heart can be, even when you hold the hand and say "love" ... and sometimes hundreds, even thousands of words cannot fill the emptiness of the soul, heart and thoughts. Memorized phrases, taken from books and unconscious attitudes that do not have a spark, but also the slightest sense.
Touches… bold, but cold — because after them there is only a cold which spreads on veins and touches a warm lump in chest. Emptiness - again and again.
If this sounds familiar to you, I will change it. I am going to create a dating and matchmaking company with your help. please donate for this campaign and I will be very grateful to you. Let`s bring warmness in the hearth of the single people. I am aware that dating business is a difficult one to run but when working with love and with philanthropic purposes noting is difficult. Are you with me? If so, please donate to this campaign to fill all empty hearths with love.

Corinne Bassett

We need $5,500, Thanks for your donations.

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