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I want to ask you If you could help to my friend Jenny to pay her medical bills. I know her for more than 10 years and she really had everything an ordinary person can imagine. She has a lovely husband and a baby boy. The life was awesome for them until one evening she started to spit blood. Doctors have found that she has bacteria colony on her lungs and that colony was as big as a tennis ball. They decided to remove it and everything that needed was two operations in span of three months. The first operation was very successful and last summer I host her and her family in my house for a relaxation. However, things started to get worse after the second operation. Since then she spends one week at her home and then two weeks in a hospital. The medical bills are enormous and I maybe should mention that she now doesn't`t have any income (she was working as a freelancer prior this) and her husband has a low paying job and they simply can not afford the medical bills. Therefore, I would like to ask you if you are able to help her and her family by donating some money for this cause. She is a great fighter and I know that with your help and with Gods help she will overcome these really moments for her.

Karen Turner

We have reached $29.00 but still need $1,971.00 Thank you for your donations.

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I hope this helps with your medical bills.
22 July 2015 charles mccracken