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Recently I created my first music video, which looks amazing, & was shot in a small town in Clover, SC (pop: 5000) for $150. The next video will be of a higher calibre, and will be shot in Paris, France (pop: 2 million) for $550 .. $350 (*it was more expensive, but the production crew cut costs .. God I love that :), if I can raise the money to do it. For those who know me I have lived in France for several years and I can say that they have second largest hip-hop market in the world (immediately after USA). Any amount helps, & I'm appreciative for every penny that I receive, whether it's $1 or $3. Thank you for taking the time to come here & supporting this creative effort.                                   - Blackflame Hex a.k.a Hex Slayer

Robert Guel

We need $350, Thanks for your donations.

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