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This campaign is to have a little fun and get the word out about the Sportfishing charter Charleston Hooker  located in Charleston, SC. We are seeking to upgrade to a larger Sportfishing boat (41ft. Albemarle from a 30ft Grady White) and offer an opportunity for those that may not be able to afford the $2,000 charter fee. So for the purpose of the campaign we are going to offer a full day charter at a fraction of the cost $600 which is a full $1,400 less than what the charter usually would cost. Included in the cost will be a full day charter for 6 people off the coast of Charleston, SC which can be used at any time there is an opening available. Now this cost can be divided among six different people at $100 each as well as long as they donate you can split the cost as you wish. This is where social networking comes in. The best way to reach the goal fast is to spread this around to all your friends and have them share and do so often until the goal is met and it's time to go fishing. The more BUZZ we can create the better so lets have a little fun! In the mean time for those who want to go fishing TODAY look us up you can order on our website or give us a call.

Charles McCracken

We need $350,000, Thanks for your donations.

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