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Super C is a five piece alternative-rock band and we perform over 100 shows per year. For those of you that don't know us, our story can be pretty simple ... we play music because we love to play music. Anyone who has ever seen us perform knows that we wholeheartedly love what we do. We take limited breaks, play extra songs, perform as often as we can, and do everything possible to keep our audiences entertained. We've gone to school, obtained degrees, had "grown-up" jobs, and in the end, we've all realized that music makes us happiest. We will ultimately do whatever we can to further our careers as musicians. One of the most important things that we want everyone to know is that, by participating in our crowdfunding movement, you will not be supporting just another local band that dreams of success. Your support will be put to great use and ultimately allow us to continue following our dreams and get us that much closer to reaching the success that we strive for. In the past two years we've gone from playing about one show a month to having shows every other day. With that being said, none of this could be possible without the support you have shown us throughout the years. All of the late nights, long drives, lost voices, spilled drinks, great memories, and incredible friends that we have gained through being a part of this music scene are priceless. If this project is successful, we plan on releasing our first album of original music in January of 2016. Thanks again for your continued support and know that any donation is greatly appreciated and will help us reach our goal!

Cornelius Schwindt

We need $5,000, Thanks for your donations.

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