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Hello, my name is Daniel Evans and I am writing this because my swimming club has no funds to support me to be able to participate in national and international swimming competitions where I can achieve minimum A-cuts which is mandatory if I want to take part in the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil next year representing the USA. I am VERY close to achieve A-cut (and I have to do this no later than mid-September this year.) and I have strong will and train hard every day and I know that dreams are achieved by hard work, discipline, dedication, and never giving up. I already have B-cuts for the Olympic games in Rio but because of strong competition this year only a-cuts will be able to participate there. The preparation of an swimmer for the Olympics requires huge expenses such as physical therapist, nutritionist, travel expenses, and travel expenses (just to name few). I have offer from some other swimming clubs that may support me in my efforts but that means that I have to separate with my trainer who train me since my beginnings in this sport when I was 8 years old boy. I don't want to leave him and therefore I need your help  to help me reach my goals and help me my dreams to come true.   

Daniel Evans

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