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I have intention to create a reseller hosting company and unfortunately I can not afford it without your support. For those who are not familiar with what reseller hosting is, I attached a video from YouTube. I want to purchase "white label" reseller hosting package and the price is around $250 annually. I will make profit by selling this package to interested individuals or companies. However, the costs are not limited only to purchasing the package but also I have to rent some office, purchase desktop computers (for live support of my customers), then also there are some CRM programs (WHCMS integration, eNom account). As I am speaking Spanish I will concentrate mainly on LATAM countries (the competition is not so strong and there are a lot of companies which don`t have a web site) by pushing the products - cold calling if they need our services. I also have intention to include some subsidiary products such as: web design, e-books in "how to earn money" niche etc. I know that I am on a right track, and I will appreciate any donation to support me in my efforts to create this company. As a special thanks from me I can give you free shared hosting service for one year + free domain if you donate more than $30 and also I will include web site creation in wordpress + e-books if you donate more than $60 Thanks for reading this and God bless you.

Flaminio Esquibel

We have reached $9.01 but still need $990.99 Thank you for your donations.

Required $990.99 More...

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Great business idea!
27 August 2015 charles mccracken