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This winter I hope be spending a month in India doing volunteer work with a reforestation project called Sadhana Forest. Sadhana Forest is a multi function project with the main goal of creating an indigenous tropical dry evergreen forest. I am hoping that after reading this that you will be interested in sponsoring me so that I may be able to help with this interesting (and vital) work being done. More About The Project Sadhana Forest’s main goal is the reforestation of the indigenous tropical dry evergreen forest. The area that has been chosen for this project is a patch severely eroded and arid land. Going beyond the basic need of replanting the forest, the harsh terrain also requires irrigation, fertilization and attentive care. This offers unique challenges of properly keeping the newly planted forest watered, but also keeping a cautious eye on water usage as to prevent the depletion of the endangered and limited underground water table. As if this weren’t enough of a task, the need for moisture and fertilizer requires frequent mulching, and constant one-on-one care with each plant. Since its inception the Sadhana Forest project has planted 23,000 Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest plants of 150 different indigenous species. Survival rates have on average been between 80% and 90%. To help recharge the water table and conserve water nearly 5 miles of trenches have been dug, with several earthen damns built altogether storing over 1 Million gallons of rainwater. While all of this sounds impressive and vast, there is still so much work to be done. What is Life Like There? All the volunteers live out in the forest in a small ‘village’ where they work daily. The camp itself reflects the needs of the project; all structures are built from local and natural materials and powered by solar power; dry composting toilets provide fertilizer and grey water systems help conservation efforts. In exchange for the volunteers work, a free-living accommodation is provided. However, the village’s garden – due to the poor soil quality – cannot feed everyone, and volunteers do have to pitch in for food items. Since the village is removed to a small rural area the community of volunteers has to live and work very closely; eating three meals a day together, sharing living and sleeping areas, creating work schedules, sharing in the essential duties that help the community run smoothly, and simply and occasionally sharing free time together.  Sponsorship Opportunity What I am asking from you is help in raising funds to defray the cost of travel and living expenses while I am overseas. To take part in this project I need to receive vaccines, purchase equipment for the village’s living conditions such as mosquito nets, sleeping bag etc., I will need to apply for a travel Visa, and while there take care of food and toiletries. The most expensive part of course is the flight, with vaccines and inncolulations in second. Living expenses, though cheap, do add up. The total cost being approximately $2,500. I am hoping to raise $2,000 through generous Sponsors such as yourself. I am asking all Sponsors to help me by each donating a small amount, and hopefully with enough people chipping in my goal can be reached.

Dennis Magana

We need $2,000, Thanks for your donations.

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