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Laura is the oldest child of Russell and Elizabeth Donis.  Laura has struggled daily since her traumatic birth caused by brain damage during her delivery.   She spent the first three weeks of her life in the Neonatal Care Unit at Children’s Hospital in Boston while doctors struggled to diagnose her.   Eventually, as her development lagged far behind her chronological age, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and microcephaly both brain disorders which cause lifelong, significant cognitive and physical impairments as well as suffering with a seizure disorder.  Now sixteen years old Laura continues to struggle to express her basic needs and has limited speech which is difficult to understand to an unfamiliar listener.  Her increased muscle tone affects her ability to perform daily living skills such as dressing herself, brushing her teeth, and cutting her own food as examples.  She also has decreased sensation in her extremities.  This not only affects her daily living skills, but is physically dangerous because she cannot distinguish hot from cold and has a high tolerance to pain. Her parents have continually sought out the best medical and educational opportunities available to meet her needs.  They recently learned of a potentially helpful treatment which many US doctors and hospitals support although it is not yet available in the US.  After meeting with Dr. Haberland from the X-Cell Center at Children’s Hospital, Orange County (California) they were told that Laura would be a candidate for improvement through Stem Cell Treatment.  Unfortunately, because of restrictions imposed 10 years ago on stem cell research, the U.S. is far behind other countries offering Stem Cell Therapy such as Israel, China, India, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, South America and Germany.  So hundreds of families are traveling with their loved ones overseas with the anticipation Stem Cell Therapy could improve or relieve their loved ones symptoms.  Many are reporting significant improvements in their children, like Laura who suffered with cerebral palsy!  They are now one of those families who are willing to embark on this journey of hope for Laura.  They will travel to the X-Cell Center in Düsseldorf Germany for Autologous Stem Cell Treatment in a few months.  The X-Cell Center uses the patients own adult stem cells by extracting them from the patient’s hip bone.  The stem cells will be sent to the lab to be isolated, separated and analyzed.  Then the stem cells will be injected back into the spine known as Lumber Puncture.  The cost for Lumber Puncture is 9,000 Euros and travel expenses add up quickly.  Since Health Insurance will not cover the procedure, families are entirely responsible for the cost.   I humbly ask that you consider making a donation to support their journey for Laura’s treatment at the   Please also feel free to share this website with others who may be interested in helping Laura or others find hope and healing through Stem Cell Therapy. Thank You!

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