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Ollie is our 6 month old German Shepard / Siberian Husky mixed puppy. He had a fall four weeks ago and dislocated his hip. Our regular vet was able to get it back in position, but gave us 50/50 odds that it could pop back out. Unfortunately, we found out at our follow up appointment that his hip has popped back out of socket.  This time it will require surgery. We are in the process of moving to Raleigh where Jon has just started his new career and do not have the funds readily available to be able to proceed with this surgery. Our vet informed us that the sooner we can get the surgery, the better chance he has of recovering and possibly having a normal leg. I am asking all my friends and family to please donate anything they can to help Ollie get the surgery that is needed. Since he is only 6 months old, we would like to get this resolved as quickly as possible to give him the best quality of life that we can. We have been referred to an orthepedic dog specialist and they estimate that this surgery will cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000. We have already spent over $400 to get his hip back in the socket. We appreciate any and all help we receive!  We will keep you updated with his progress, thanks to everyone in advance!

Kelly Lawson

We have reached $13.67 but still need $2,486.33 Thank you for your donations.

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Hoping you get your surgery Ollie!
17 February 2016 Trey Givens